IoT based Real-time Water Quality Monitoring System

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Water quality is an extremely valuable condition for all forms of life. Sadly, during the last decades, irresponsible consumption and industrialization caused the global issue of water pollution. In addition, poor water quality is damaging entire ecosystems as it contains hazardous chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Water quality monitoring mainly relied on manual data gathering and water analysis from 1960 to 2000s. Detecting water quality is a time-consuming and complicated process that is mainly done manually by researchers. It takes a long period of time to retrieve the results from manually taken water samples and the results are not always accurate.

In order to solve these obstacles, starting from the 2000s various new technologies have been introduced to address monitoring limitations. The proposed system has capability to monitor physical conditions, collect and transmit this data to the central station. This system is focused on the real-time water quality monitoring by implementing an IoT based system that can enable the water management group to gather more accurate results from monitoring. In the current project, the main physicochemical parameters for water quality are temperature, pH, and turbidity, gathered from water, rivers, and marine areas.

The main aim of this technology is to provide better quality of water and environment that would provide better healthcare for humans through implementing IoT based wireless network monitoring system which works with sensor system and provide a real-time alert or early warning for whom concerned to take an action.

IoT technology has the capacity of measuring physicochemical parameters such as temperature and water turbidity in real-time by sending data to a laboratory station. By implementing IoT, it enables to collect water quality monitoring results in remote areas and pass that data wirelessly to laboratory or research center. The application of the wireless system will widely help to reduce the monitoring system expenses and give adjustability in terms of location and distance. One of the main strengths features of the IoT system is in low cost, reliable data transmission, efficient data collection and ease of use. Water quality monitoring includes analyzing river and marine water resources. Implementing this proposed system would help people to have healthy life by purifying water that we rely on for all our living activities.

The IoT based water quality monitoring system will allow to gather water parameters such as temperature, pH level and turbidity in a real-time, through special sensor nodes. The current parameters will help to identify the quality of the water taken from marine area like river, sea or lake. In case, if these water parameters will exceed certain water quality norms, then immediately the system will send alert message. Those who concerned to take an action will be notified accordingly.

  • Real-time water quality monitoring and data transmission to the base station.
  • Implementation of the cloud base system and automatic data update.
  • Alerting the system in case if the water parameters are exceeding certain norms.
  • Notifying authorities by sms (or email) if the water parameters are exceeding certain norms.
  • Illustrating GUI and database.


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    Munara Moldobaeva
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    Before starting my work on this IoT system for Real-time Water quality monitoring, I was a lot concerned about the water we consume and about the quality of lakes in my country. Ground and lake waters sadly getting more and more polluted by each year, howeverm there is lack of tools and access to test and monitor them for safety. As a result, in my region many families live under a health-risk by drinking water from unpure water-sources. So, I got inspired to create very efficient, low-cost and light system to monitor water on daily basis online and protect health of local people.
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