Integrated Workplace Solution (IWS)

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Amidst the pandemic and economic concerns going back to office remains a critical decision. Here we propose a contactless access and monitoring system focused on corporate employees’ safety. The system comprises 3 stages (a) attendance management, (b) contactless access control, and (c) social distance monitoring.

System Flow:

The system flow can be thought of as follows. The attendance monitoring modules is deployed at locations wherein a person enters the corporate office starting from automated toll gate opening to contactless employee attendance and temperature monitoring with all the data being recorded into HR database. The contactless access control is an assistance system which will be deployed in elevators and office access gates which will be based on NLP engine and users will be able to interact with the system just like Alexa or Siri. The social distance monitoring will be integrated with CCTV system and will keep a track of employee social distancing.

Module wise details: 

  • FIRST STAGE – Attendance Management
    The first stage is applicable when an employee enters through the main gate. At the main gate, when an employee of a company is on the gate then he/she scans his/her face on the “face recognition system” so that the only authorized person is allowed to enter. While they scan their face, their details get registered along with their temperature. The collected data here can be submitted for the attendance purpose and can be saved for records maintenance.
  • SECOND STAGE – Contactless Access Control
    After entering the main gate, when an employee heads towards his/her cabin or office or department then he/she might opt for an elevator. At this place, there are most chances when a person can come in contact with the virus. So, to avoid this situation a “touch-less elevator” is introduced where it gets activated after saying a code word and then we instruct the elevator by commanding it the floor we wish to go. Here it totally works same as the Alexa works.
  • THIRD STAGE – Social Distance Monitoring
    After entering to their respective cabins, or desks, the system ensures that the employees are following COVID safety norms. Hence a CCTV based monitoring is deployed which not only records the employees maintain social distance and proper usage of face masks. If the above criteria are not being followed, system sends an alert to respective HRBP which can then be addressed by HR.

Uniqueness of IWS:

In 2020 the pandemic hit us hard and some of the corporate offices had the luxury of working from home while it was difficult for some industries who adopted a remote working philosophy. So, to make sure the employees work in a healthy and safe environment after the government declares to reopen the workplaces, this system can be deployed for the welfare of the companies and society. The uniqueness of the idea is that apart from the corporate offices, the modified versions of the system can be deployed for safety monitoring at schools, malls, colleges, and hotels.


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    Sneha Gupta
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    My faculty ( Dr. Arpit Jain - Assistant Professor, Dept of EEE; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I actually noticed the fear of the employees from going to the offices of companies at the time of COVID - 19. This made us think and motivated us to come up with a solution for this problem.
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