FMS Trajectory Control With Modularized Cloud Systems

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The main objective is to develop a FMS lateral navigation system 's prototype using webapps technologies. The application layer responsible for the LNAV logic and all communication interface has in its scope the use of microservices allied to the JavaScript programming language with the ES6 standard in its standalone execution environment, NodeJS. It'll be running in containers with minimal orchestration for future features. This project has the potential to be reusable in other vehicles, such as cars, drones, eVTOLs and boats.


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    Mateus E R Da Costa
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    I intend to promote technological advances that can impact my country's aeronautical technology market and democratize access to information in this industry niche for IT professionals. So, in near future, all these types of software can be offered to various vehicles through services, with the lowest possible cost and the development of human kind.
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