V-knight Helmet

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Product Name:VKnighti
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Slogan: Ride for fun, see unstoppable

At present, smart wearable devices have become indispensable equipment for modern life. With the popularization of mobile Internet in China, the Internet of Things is also being actively promoted. Now it has formed a combination of smart wear set with smartphones as the center, smartwatch, headset, bracelet, and other peripheral devices. It covers the functions of health, communication, social, and entertainment, making our daily life more convenient.

Under the massive development of the take-out industry, the importance of traffic safety is also widely noted. Riders are different from car drivers in that they need to hold the grip with both hands, but inevitably need to check real-time news such as navigation and order information during delivery. This product aims to solve the safety problems on the way of delivery by means of new technology application, to improve the traffic safety of delivery riders, and to make the delivery industry safer and more efficient.

The product mainly consists of three parts: the helmet, energy supply and electric control part, and display output part.

① Helmet part:
The use of safety materials in line with current standards, and strive to ensure maximum passive safety.

② Energy supply and electric control part:
The iPhone standard battery is used to ensure that battery safety under the long endurance time so that the rider is not limited by the battery life, more relaxed and free.

③ Headset provides voice navigation and information processing feedback, order content prompts, embedded in the helmet as one to reduce the discomfort of wearing earphones in addition. Due to the built-in, you can somewhat reduce the interference of external noise, so as to clearly accept the voice broadcast. Built-in microphone matching voice control assistant can eliminate the need to operate the phone analysis and wear gloves inconvenience.
Bluetooth communication and smartphone connected, complete access to the required information.

④ Display part.
Use projection or OLED transparent screen as display output, with mature technology and controllable cost and good display effect. Provide the display of the required information without blocking the field of view, clear and direct, the field of view is no longer limited by the physical.


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