NDB Universal Lifelong Self-charging Green Battery

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NDB is a universal lifelong self-charging green battery, it doesn’t run out of charge during the entire lifetime of the device that it powers.

NDB is a safe, green and versatile solution to the globally growing energy demand, made from recycled nuclear waste. One of the key innovations of NDB is the utilization of a proprietary nanostructure that allows for enhanced device performance and highly sophisticated safety features, which cover radiation, thermal and mechanical aspects.

The NDB cell is composed of an emitter, a transducer and a collector. The emitter is a radioisotope, the transducer is a semiconductor device and the collector is a supercapacitor.

NDB is a radioisotope voltaic cell proposed for low, medium (milli to centi watts) and high power applications. Our design proposes self-charging capability that produces stable power by converting the energy released from decay into usable energy all throughout its lifetime which is generally many years. Previous generations of radioisotope cells concentrated on using the thermal energy of the isotopes. Our technology will use direct conversion of the incident energy to electricity via radioisotope voltaic technology.

The ingenuity of NDB lies in the innovative manner NDB approaches the issue. We propose to reuse high-level waste by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. Isotopes from nuclear waste continue to release a sufficient amount of radiation that can be transformed into usable energy.

Radioisotope batteries have been around for sometime but they are limited to low power applications due to their efficiency and high degradation rate. Radiation tolerant materials and thermal capacity limits have since been improved. This allows NDB to produce batteries at a more affordable price and for a wider range of applications.

We are working towards our prototype, hence we refer to the previous radioisotope batteries from which we can get an approximation as to the cost of the product. We are planning to meet the price set by Li-ion batteries in the market via continual research and development thus making our product competitive.

The possibilities for NDB are endless. A self charging, green & long living battery is the holy grail of energy production. NDB does that all. The targeted applications are the devices which require constant charging and devices that are used in remote areas where a continuous supply of electricity is impossible. It has applications in a wide range of fields from medical devices to satellites.

For example:

  • Medical Devices (pacemakers, hearing aids, other invasive medical devices)
  • Aerospace & Astronautical Applications (rovers, deep space satellites)
  • Data Centers
  • Consumer electronics (smartphones, watches, laptops)

Our idea would be to have small spherical cells that could be put together in any manner, eliminating the need to abide by geometrical restriction.

As for scaling up the NDB cell, the most efficient structure to combine the cells would be in geometrical shapes (similar to a honeycomb structure) as this would ensure maximum power density to maximise spatial efficiency. Further R&D of various geometrical shapes to fulfil shielding requirements is in the process.

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