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The Hopper creates an adapted form of mobility for the city, rainproof, comfortable, cheap and environmentally friendly. With a roof, boot and a place for a passenger, our vehicle replaces the car. A pedal drive supported by an electric motor creates a skilful mix of healthy locomotion and comfortable mobility from A to B. 

We offer a reliable, low maintenance vehicle that can be used all year round. With the Hopper, our clientele replaces their (second) car with a sustainable alternative that is safe to drive even when there are driving bans in inner cities.

The costumer saves money due to the low maintenance costs of the vehicle. He can travel from door to door in the city more quickly than with any other means of transport, and gets some exercise on the side. The Hopper is also about 20% cheaper than the competition and has 91% less CO2 emissions/km compared to an average car.

In the B2B area we have LoIs for over 130 vehicles, in the B2C area there are >20 enquiries for pre-orders (only possible from 05.2021). Our B2C costumers live in the city, are about 35-50 years old and work. The Hopper is used as a community vehicle to work, for shopping and to take children to daycare.

They choose the Hopper because they appreciate the reduction of environmental emissions, the advantages of urban mobility and the comfort of a car at low cost (planned gross entry price: €8,900, €7,300 in the medium term).

We generate our main source of income by selling the Hopper in form of direct sales and in stationary trade in selected cities. Leasing, special insurances and the integration of the Hopper into sharing fleets generate regular income in the medium term.

Competition & Market

Competitors are Bio-Hybrid, CityQ and CitCar. The competition focuses on costumers with an affinity for bicycles and a bicycle-like design. We focus on a car-savvy clientele, especially in terms of quality, design and features such as steering wheel and seat position. Cost-efficient manufacturing processes (less than 200 parts) and patentable in-house technical developments give us a decisive advantage.

The long term market size for the Hopper in Germany is 2.9 million vehicles (TAM), which means a market volume of €17,788 million. For the first year after SOP, we expect sales of 1,167 vehicles, or €8,7 million in turnover (SOM). Neighbouring markets for pedelecs, cargo bikes and e-cars have double-digit growth rates. Attractive markets for expansion are the Netherlands, Denmark and the rest of the DACH-region.

As an innovative hardware start-up, we benefit from attention to our product, which we support through targeted online presence and marketing measures. At the same time, it is important for our costumers to be able to try out the Hopper. That's why we focus on regional events in major German cities and partnerships with local retailers to make the Hopper a tangible experience.



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