Automobile Speed Control using Received Signal Strength Identification System

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In our day to day life engineering interventions are unavoidable, since engineering is well aligned with our lifestyle. A decay back engineering can be differentiate from one stream to another stream; According to world industrial growth, industry 4.0, Automotive emission norms Euto-6, various engineering streams are get integrated. Especially Automotive engineering well blended with Electrical, Electronics, computation, softwares, IoT, etc. In Automotive technology vehicle safety plays a major role in all segments. In any automobiles, safety depends on quality of roads, safety equipments in vehicles and comprehensive respondent to accidents. But it can be controllable by modern traffic management systems and practices, improved safety standards in design, construction, operation and maintenance of roads.

This unique creation details about a novel driver assistance systems, titled as “Automobile Speed Control using Received Signal Strength Identification.” A Received Signal Strength Identification (RSSI) based driver assistance system provides solution with the cost effective, low power and secure wireless networking features.

RSSI based transmitter unit is installed at necessary way points. The transmitter, transmitting relevant information signal to the corresponding RSSI reader unit, which is installed in approaching vehicles.

Keywords: Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) Transmitter and Receiver, Controller Units

Creation for Future

A RSSI transmitter which is fitted in stationary place in the beginning and the end of the restricted zone in which the speed should be reduced. RSSI transmitter continuously sends the coded signal when the reader comes in its proximity. The receiver unit which is fitted in the vehicle receive the signal from the transmitter and control the speed of the vehicle with the help of the microcontroller. The receiver station micro controller is programmed to compare the speed of the vehicle with predefined speed limit of particular zone. The RSSI unit controls the speed of the moving vehicle by cutting the fuel to the engine through ECU. The transmitters transmit these codes up to a certain distance with 180 degree solid angle. Hence, the vehicle even passed the stationary transmitter point the vehicle speed will be in control. Besides, whenever the driver further accelerates the vehicle within the zone, the ECU is programmed to slowdown the speed of the vehicle further lower.


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