KnowTice - An IoT Based Display Controller Board Which Can Be Configured Remotely

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You must have seen notice boards and information boards at various places such as schools, universities, offices, transport hubs, etc. The conventional method involves the use of paper or an entirely separate display system for such purposes respectively. These methods consume resources and time. We aim to provide a solution to this problem using our display controller board - an IoT-based system that converts any display into a remotely accessible display board and can be configured easily to display text and media of your choice.

KnowTice is a plug-and-play display controller. It can be connected to any display such as monitors and television and converts into a remotely controlled display board or simply, a notice board. The device connects to the display port of the screen. Administrators can access the board using their credentials on the dedicated web interface or mobile application and enter the data to be displayed on the board which is then stored on the cloud database. The board is connected to the internet via an access point. The data is then communicated to the board via the cloud database. The controller converts it into display signals and displays it on the screen.

KnowTice involves a simple plug and play mechanism and hence can be easily used without any technical know-how. It is also eco-friendly and cost-effective as it can be connected to any screen so unused display devices can easily be used and converted into display boards. Updating the data can be done remotely and securely via the internet. The device is compact and can currently display text and images.

Currently, we have been able to obtain results at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and are working on improving it and make it more compatible and user-friendly.


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    Disha Gajjar
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    Jay Bhuptani - Inventor
    Disha Gajjar - Co- Inventor
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    Arduino IDE, KiCad, Visual Studio Code
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