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Seevoice: A comprehensive solution for all your hearing and alerting needs!

We understand that not everyone with hearing loss can benefit from a hearing aid.

  • Moderate and Severe hearing loss caused due to damage in the auditory nerve or inner ear section, make hearing aids have little effect on the individual.
  • Only 1 in 5 deaf people find hearing aids effective.

People with hearing impairments and those who don’t benefit from hearing aids do not have the capability to hear their immediate surroundings and react to them.

Also, being unable to hear their own voices makes them foreign to the concept of pronunciations, and thus very often can't speak with proper clarity. Our group aims to enable them to understand what another person says to them, without using ASL or complex lip-reading methods.

Our solution is in the form of a smart watch integrated with a mobile app. This AI based app has many features, such as:
It can detect when someone's name is being called, or some important Alert sounds like sirens, bells and such are rung in their close vicinity.

And when it senses some dangerous sounds like a loud crashes or bangs , special types of alert like vibrations can be made by the phone and the watch.

The app would also be able to conduct phone transcription, where a live voice message/ call can be translated to text and displayed on the screen, for the ease of the user.

The app also provides speech practice to these people, by displaying words or sentences on the display, and making them repeat the particular word until a certain percentage of match is attained. A progress bar in the app shows how accurately a word is being said by the affected person thus making them more confident in their ability to pronounce words and speak freely with others. This is based on AI and speech recognition software and will instill a sense of confidence in our users.

A caretaker interface is also integrated within the app which can be used for tracking the user in real time, as a form of geofencing, where the location of the user is known at all times. Distress signals sent by the user can be accessed on the caretakers interface and he can respond accordingly. It also provides a portal for the caretaker to communicate with the user by texting.

The Watch is used mainly as an alerting interface, that vibrates when required and notifies the user as to what type of notification they are receiving at the time.

The following features will be integrated on an android platform as an app that can be downloaded by the user and his caretaker and used as required.



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    Sivathanu Kumar
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    B.Sivathanu Kumar
    Aravindraj A
    Arun Vijay
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    The interest to help others, and enable those who are dependent on others, to become slightly more independent themselves. Technology bridges that gap beautifully, and it inspires me to create more designs to help those who require help to help themselves.
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    Android Studio
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