Confidential Screen Protector

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The confidential screen protector is a simple project based on an IR sensor and ESP8266. It automatically shuts down the present working screen as soon as someone comes into the radar of the IR sensor.

Such a confidential screen keeper is quite useful when working on confidential stuff. People working at a higher level can you use to hide their respective working screens when someone arrives in their room.

Keeping a future thought in mind as India is emerging as a high-tech country, we can use this system in the examination hall in order to reduce the malpractices. As soon as someone tries to do malpractices it can immediately shut the working screen.

Not only for personal use or examination point of view it can be used in various sectors. Modifying the privacy screen doorkeeper can be used by other professional minds.

So, in order to understand the potential of this concept, I have implemented a simple automatic Confidential Screen Protector (CSP) using Arduino and IR Sensor.



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    Akarsh Sharat
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    The main idea of the implementation of the project is to simply maintain the privacy of the working screen. For motivation, just a simple thought of keeping our work as a secret or hiding things. The idea of it emerged from things we need to hide from others. I have used the ESP8266 Wifi development board with IR sensors for implementation and interfaced it with the laptop using Python. I have compacted it for handy use and to use it easily we can connect it with the normal USB cables or over the local Wi-Fi network.
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