Hearo - Internet of Sounds

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Hearo is worlds only Internet Of Sound system. With Hearo any object in your home can be a digital controller. It works like this:

The sound of hitting my tea cup with a spoon make Spotify skip to next song in my playlist. And the sound of the glass bowl I got from my aunt turns on or off the light a room.

Hearo is a device you put on your wall or hide it if you don’t want to see it.

And then you teach Hearo to identify certain sounds from certain objects with the app. But the intelligence is in the device, so hearo doesn’t record the sounds from your home or store it online. Unlike some other popular home devices.

Because, not everyone is comfortable with having someone listening all the time.

And not everyone want more IoT stuff in their homes. More single function devices made of plastic and silicon. That probably will be thrown away in a couple of years because then they’re outdated.

You can make your home a smart home without buying more and more tech stuff. An old tea cup that has a history, an object that really means something, can be a digital controller. And after you die, maybe your children will keep it. Because it belonged to their grandfather.

When the sound of any object in your home becomes digital controllers, it’s truly magic. And with IFTTT programming you decide what you want to control - and with what.



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    Hakan Lidbo
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    Hakan Lidbo
    Max Bjorverud
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    Today we fill our home with more and more "smart" devices, more plastic and electronics. Hearo can make many of these devices obsolete, bringing back physic interaction and acoustic sounds into our homes.
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    Pure Data
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