S-Band Strap

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S-Band Strap: A simple tag/wrist strap with a QR Code that launches the healthcare data of individuals administered Covid-19 Vaccines.

Problem: Exposure, Exclusivity and unsafe means of tracking the health data of individuals who have been administered vaccines.

Solution: QR Codes that trigger the health data sheets of individuals administered vaccines.

Value Proposition:

  • Privacy: QR Codes do not present any information that may expose private biodata of individuals.
  • Accessibility: Our Tags/Wrist strap are brightly colored & have Braille; making it accessible to the visually impaired or Blind. and Security
  • Security: QR Codes only trigger data unique to each
  • individual. Data collected can only be accessed by an authorized individual.

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa (over 200 million Nigerians)

Target Industries: Medical centers, Governments, Community pharmaceuticals

  • Gender: All
  • Income Capacity: Low-High

The Market: N5,762.061 Billion by 2021(CAGR 8.35%Y.O.Y)

  • Percentage of Country's GDP spent on Healthcare: 2.94%
  • Patient-to-Doctor Ratio: {2500:1}
  • Population without Health Insurance: 90%

Business Model: B2B Healthcare Product/Service

  • We will focus on providing our S-Band Straps and trained personals in
  • Local and Government owned Medical facilities who continually gather and keep data of individuals who are to be vaccinated.
  • We will run a subscription model for data gathering and storage.
  • We will supply & setup the QR code printers, produce tags/wrist straps as well as other face protection like Face Shields and Face Masks to make data collection a success.



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  • Name:
    Okpamen Obasogie
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    Team members:
    Obasogie Okpamen: Team Lead
    Munachimso Adjeroh: Medical Student
    Ikponmwosa Obasogie: Mechanical Engineer
    Osasumwen Obasogie: Product Designer
    Omolehin Emmanuel: Survey Analyst
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    I am inspired by the power of innovation and technology and how it can transform the world. Particularly my home country Nigeria which suffers from energy challenges mostly for lighting rural business stands and homes.
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    Autodesk Fusion 360
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