S-Band Strap

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S-Band Strap: A simple tag/wrist strap with a QR Code that launches the healthcare data of individuals administered Covid-19 Vaccines.

Problem: Exposure, Exclusivity and unsafe means of tracking the health data of individuals who have been administered vaccines.

Solution: QR Codes that trigger the health data sheets of individuals administered vaccines.

Value Proposition:

  • Privacy: QR Codes do not present any information that may expose private biodata of individuals.
  • Accessibility: Our Tags/Wrist strap are brightly colored & have Braille; making it accessible to the visually impaired or Blind. and Security
  • Security: QR Codes only trigger data unique to each
  • individual. Data collected can only be accessed by an authorized individual.

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa (over 200 million Nigerians)

Target Industries: Medical centers, Governments, Community pharmaceuticals

  • Gender: All
  • Income Capacity: Low-High

The Market: N5,762.061 Billion by 2021(CAGR 8.35%Y.O.Y)

  • Percentage of Country's GDP spent on Healthcare: 2.94%
  • Patient-to-Doctor Ratio: {2500:1}
  • Population without Health Insurance: 90%

Business Model: B2B Healthcare Product/Service

  • We will focus on providing our S-Band Straps and trained personals in
  • Local and Government owned Medical facilities who continually gather and keep data of individuals who are to be vaccinated.
  • We will run a subscription model for data gathering and storage.
  • We will supply & setup the QR code printers, produce tags/wrist straps as well as other face protection like Face Shields and Face Masks to make data collection a success.



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    Okpamen Obasogie
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    Obasogie Okpamen: Team Lead
    Munachimso Adjeroh: Medical Student
    Ikponmwosa Obasogie: Mechanical Engineer
    Osasumwen Obasogie: Product Designer
    Omolehin Emmanuel: Survey Analyst
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