Chronic wounds that fail to heal quickly, such as diabetic foot ulcers or pressure ulcers, can be very tricky to manage for healthcare professionals and affect the life quality of patients.

The COVID-19 Crisis
Most efforts to come out of the COVID-19 crisis are related to vaccine or easing the symptoms. While these directions are actively pursued, many businesses are going down.

However, there is an alternative that can rid the world of the virus,

The testing station would be a walk through that tests the air for airborne viruses. It would be WiFi linked to a database of viruses that it can scan to find the exact virus type.

AirWay II is a unique reusable (unlike tape strips) propietary nasal passage dilator that MAY ease sleep apnea (please see comments below), nasal congestion, athletics, dental work, deviated septum, nasal injuries or medical applications (cannula). Please fully insert past Alar Cartilege "edge rib"

Ventilators are very important equipment in an indoor environment. They help us stay cool, warm and breathe filtered air.

Facemasks are essential product that are needed to sustain our lives equal to food and water because it is the first line of defense against respiratory diseases like COVID-19 by providing a filtration system of the air we breathe preventing us from getting infected and transmitting our infectious

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) occur in 15 percent of hospitalized patients in the United States (1.7 million cases/year) and result in approximately 90,000 deaths. The burden of disease is even higher in developing countries. Healthcare workers’ hands are the most common vector in the transmission of microorganisms causing HAI.

The laboratory diagnosis of malaria has changed little in over 100 years. A finger stick is made and a smear on a glass slide is made and stained and a technologist then uses a microscope to scan over the whole smear which may take up to 15 minutes.

Beep Beep! is a device to detect the leakage and allergy of intravenous infusion through blood flow velocity and protein concentration, which can effectively reduce the risk of fluid leakage in children and chemotherapy patients.

The Battelle CardioHub is a small wearable device that automatically reduces stress using neurotechnology instead of pharmaceuticals. Our device monitors subperceptual biosignals from your body, detects physiological stress events, and automatically delivers neurostimulation to activate your body’s natural stress-reducing responses.

The key concept is that your body,

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