The Next Generation of Eye Exams for the USA and ROW

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The company, Xenon-VR Inc., is a Delaware C-Corp., based in New Jersey. It is dedicated to bringing to Market the “Next Generation of Eye Exams™”, as early as Q1-2022.

In addition to servicing the office-based optometrists, we will also have the product readied for the underserved areas of the USA and worldwide.

Unlike all others that look like the Xenon-1, our device conducts multiple eye exams at one time; it has remote access (so the doctor can be in their office, while the patient is in the hospital or nursing home), and the device is as accurate as the big, bulky, and expensive equipment found currently in the doctors' office. There are also Military applications (e.g., the battlefield).

It uses the latest advancements in optical physics, artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), sophisticated Eye Tracking Software, Liquid-Lenses, etc., all in one headset! This device provides multiple functions (eye exams), and they are done concurrently, thus reducing the time it takes for eye exams. This is a new, accurate & easier way to assist the doctor in conducting autorefraction, visual field exams, and assessing serious eye health issues.

The prototype has already shown the Proof-of-Concept. Examinations have been successfully conducted examinations on 30 patients (conducted by Doctors of Optometry in private practices in the USA).

Xenon-VR Inc. is seeking investment partners (Seed Round) to get the company to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) status. These will go immediately into clinic for study (as required for the US FDA 510 (k) medical device clearance).

The device, at launch, will include the following:

  • A tablet (an Apple or Android)
  • Autorefractor
  • Visual Field Analyzers
  • Vision Screeners
  • Phoropter
  • UV Light Sanitizer
  • Desktop/Laptop versions of the software
  • 2 headset Modules
  • 1st year of free license
  • 50 GB Storage per Doctors
  • 256 GB Storage in the Tablet provided
  • Cloud Access to Data
  • Easily Integrated with the doctor’s EMR!

The device also allows for Remote use, so patients in Long-Term Care Facilities, or home-bound patients, can get their eyes examined!

A Jan. 2021 Survey of doctors (N=216) clearly showed a demand for a product like the Xenon-1™
Pre-Orders have already come in from word-of-mouth only (no marketing done yet!).

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    Terrence Tormey
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    Terrence O. Tormey, CEO
    Zeshan Khan, Co-Founder & Chairman
    Steve Susanibar, Co-Founder & CTO
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    We believe we can truly change the Eye Exam process for the doctors and the patients, so their experience is more pleasant and accurate. We welcome the additional publicity we'd receive for our company and the product we plan on launching in Q1-2022, and for additional products(eye exams) we are designing now.
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