SCOG - Shipping Containerized Oxygen Generator

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Recent events have shown the inefficiency of medical oxygen distribution in times of crisis. Oxygen production, whether local, regional or national inevitably leads to oxygen not being where it is required. SCOG (Shipping Container Oxygen Generators) is an attempt to solve this problem by putting everything required for oxygen generation in a standardized shipping container, in a form that is readily understood and operated. Shipping containers allow for easy distribution in a number of transport ways. The SCOG units can factor into disaster plans at local, regional and global levels. Training for self-sufficiency on the units would be critical for success.

The innovation is not in any individual component of the system, but the packaging and training. The big portion is bypassing the centralized production and oxygen tank distribution of oxygen, chaotic at best, and life threatening at worst. The units would be designed to have controls and interfaces that are easy to understand and operate, and built in a ruggedized manner to withstand harsh environments.

Manufacturing is quite feasible. Pre-existing components such as the oxygen generator, power generator, and power switch would be assembled into the unit, along with electrical wiring, oxygen lines and external power and oxygen connectors. The challenge would come in the design and layout of the components within the system. That would need to be easily serviceable, safe and ruggedized. Once that design is done, manufacturing is straight-forward.

The target market is government and disaster agencies at all levels, along with the health care industry where getting to rural areas is a challenge. As mentioned training to self-sufficiency in operation, preventative maintenance and safety would be critical. External help may not always be available in a crisis. The idea with would be to provide SCOG units along with the training, and marketing would encompass that entire package.


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