Selectable Suspension Knee Braces

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ADDG has patented revolutionary knee braces that provide selectable dynamic suspension to protect the patellofemoral [ knee ] joint from osteoarthritic, chondromalacia-patellae, post surgical and prophylactic sports use.

Selectable Dynamic Knee Joint Suspension provides PROTECTIVE Joint Separation based upon adjustable VRB cantilevers that provide lifting suspension to the knee joint.

The knee joint is lifted and placed in suspension via a floating hinge at each condyle joint, with an elastomer bushing underneath each cantilever to act as a second shock absorbing cartilage.

The Floating Hinge mechanism allows the suspension system to mechanically lift, separate and cushion the knee joint proportional to bodyweight to maximize comfort and rehabilitative recovery.


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    Peter Tarlton
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    Peter B Tarlton
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    Astronomy, Surfing, Kriya
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    Nature & Biomimetics: Using harmonic movement to support the body. Our multi-patent VRB technology moves in a sine wave up to support natural body movement. The design is ultimately inspired by 30 years of surfing and studying [ sine ] wave forms.
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