FRACTAL ECG - Worlds First Fractal Geometry-based Electro Cardiogram

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Fractal ECG is a new innovative technique developed by the Inventors to first quantity and measure the characteristic of ECG wares according to Fractal dimension. Thus for the first time just as how we know the normal BP as 120/80 of normal sugar level as a range of value. The ECG is forced to a fractal dimensional value of ( 0.90000 – 0.99999). More than 5 dozen people ranging from age 18-83 were chosen to fire the standard miry deserted ECG. The acid and objective of this is to specifically measure and there by defining the shape and size of the P – QRS - T wave of the electro cardiogram, this is essential for the cardiologists to determine the classification of he act failure from ECG “(Dublin 2000)”. The Characteristics of all intervals (PR, QRS, QT, RR) can change by specific heart failures. Since Arrhythmia is considered as normal, where as other since Arrhythmia shapes of intervals could lead us to heart disease eg:- Aerial fibrillations, wandering pacemaker, multh focal atrial tachycardia ECG signals are widely examined signals became of its vital importance and its significance to human life. On the other hand decisions about ECG signals were made through doctors and expert technicians handling the intervals between P-QRS-T waves. In this innovative fractal ECG index values using a novel valiant of the standard Fractal geometry. In short dispute Fractal Index informs how smooth the ECG wave is at a particular is me and see whether the smoothness is normal or not. Now only that the greatest advantage is using discrete Fractal index is corporating this with chances theory. This gives predictive of see various on many cases of ECG fluctuations. In short for short time seals we can predict the behaviors of the ECG waves with references to a normal. This is a major breakthrough since it can for the first time lead the foundation for predictive cardiology.


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    Dr Arun Kumar
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    Dr Arun Kumar V.S
    Dr Ajith Kumar V.S
    Dr Akhil V.O
    Adv Kavitha V
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    Introducing the worlds first fractal based Electrocardiogram
    The normal features of this new innovative
    technology is
    1. A normal numerical / Value cardiac index in real time ie introducing the FRACTAL INDEX in ECG for the first time
    2. A 3-D vector plot which represents the mean vector shift and there by
    the associated axis deviates and likely disease prediction.
    3. Predictive behavior of the heart in short time span.
    4. 2 D/ 3 D real time representation of the various areas of the heart
    with reference to ECG variation.
    5. A normal ECG colonel spectra which predicts the nature of the heart.
    6. Doppler second bard effects to heal mummers.
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    Labview & MATLAB [Algorithmn]
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