Global Agricultural Repository

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Global agricultural repository is an ongoing project geared towards the eradication of food shortage and technological assistance to the farming communities world wide.

This project addresses the growing needs of farmers. Various regions of the world have specialized needs and specific resources. Harnessing those resources and then subsequently increasing the availability of those resources to the various farming and food production agencies is a formidable task. The plight of farmers is a well documented global crisis management exercise.

A unified and centralized global repository addresses the food production and distribution issues in a sustainable way across a wide spectrum of socio-political global entities.

Furthermore solar vehicles with their energy efficient transportational efficacies are extensively employed in rural areas to mitigate the energy related capital intensive financial burdens faced by financially disadvantaged farming communities.

Our special thanks to:
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Labor
NY Department of Social Services
US Department of Health
Florida Department of Transportation


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