EasyCAN Screen: A New Horizon in Cancer Diagnostics

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Can you bear your near and dear one suffering from some illness which has progressed to irreversible stage but could have been cured if it was detected earlier?

Nobody can and nobody wishes so.

Unfortunately this is something that is happening to more than 12 million families annually worldwide.

Culprit being late diagnosis of cancer. They lose their loved ones as well as huge sum of money in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the hope of curing it which unfortunately is not the case in majority.

Now, let's think about tweaking a modality of existing healthcare system of the state by just adding a cancer profiling protocol for whole population of the state such that we know status of every person whether cancer is in initial or in advanced stage or a high risk category etc so that we know the stage of cancer in the patients who have developed it and go for treatment and also the high risk one can go for a prophylactic neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Sounds good?

So what can be done for the profiling since the existing protocols of diagnosis of cancer are so cumbersome and expensive costing a person huge sum of money to do the same.

Since everyone can't afford this much costlier tests plus state would be highly burdened by this, which means developing countries would have a challenge in front of them to implement this idea with the existing diagnostic protocols. So there must be some way out.

Here it is.

The idea is to develop a point of care machine, easy to manufacture, having cost effective screening tests for cancer detection i.e. WBC count, and tumor marker assay for 8 antigens catering for about 20+ prevalent cancer types worldwide which hit the most morbidity and mortality statistics annually, with a running time of less than 5 min and costing maximum 5$ per person.

We Propose to call it "EasyCAN Screen."

Machine will have 2 units in series, hemogram unit for counting WBC via microfluidic electrical impedance method and a lateral flow reader for immunochromatographic analysis of the cancer antigens to be quantified by it, equipped with LED light and CSOM camera to detect the same.

The whole process would require about 0.5 ml of blood so is very minimally invasive and having a runtime of less than 5 min making it highly efficient for handling multiple samples in single day.

Also it would be a compact machine with small surface area and would occupy a small space making it feasible to employ in primary healthcare set up.

Since it would require minimally skilled manpower to handle as it is automated, there would not be a burden of skilled manpower also.


  • Screening of 8 antigens accounting for 20+ cancers at the same time
  • A compact POC machine easy to operate with minimally trained manpower.
  • Cost effective screening tests compared to the existing ones



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    Amal Sudarsanan
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    Motivated by the latest advancements in medical field, bringing huge medical devices into small, sophisticated point-of-care devices and application of it in cancer diagnostics.
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