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This innovative bed is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment required for the cure of any any person facing mild to mid level Coronavirus. This solution is best defined by its space saving design which contains -

  1. A wheelchair for the proper and fast propagation of the patient from one place to another.
  2. An oxygen cylinder so that if a person facing a problem with their oxygen level can easily access oxygen.
  3. It is designed so that the patient can also get comfortable with its use and for the different positions of the bed where are also added so that it could be helpful for the cure of the person.
  4. It is also equipped with fast moving wheel support so that if a patient became seriously ill they can be easily moved to the required place.

It's design is fully economical and can be affordable by everyone it can cure the the current crisis of ventilators and can be very much helpful for the cure of covid-19. Since Corona is becoming a major problem for all of us and it is affecting everyone's life so in this situation this could be a solution towards the crisis of medical equipment that we are facing this can be very much helpful for the patients as well as the doctors to help everyone. Not only this by the help of this innovative bed solution we can also strengthen the current situation of medical facilities of our country it is highly affordable and economical so it can be a better solution rather than the normal ventilators.

Depending on whether this is being set up from scratch or it is just a matter of adding a few more beds and extending a pipeline, the cost per bed could be “anything between a few thousand to a few lakh”, said a doctor at a government facility.

An oxygen concentrator can cost about Rs 1-3 lakh depending on its capacity and sophistication. A cylinder costs about Rs 7,000-8,000 but as demand keeps rising, supplies often become an issue, especially in remote areas. So, this can be a better solution to the current problem.

As we all know that India is facing a problem of Oxygen and ventilator bed this could be a solution for both the problems as the oxygen cylinder is already attached with the ventilator and can be moved from one place to another along with the wheelchair for the ventilator bed so, it is a perfect alternative than the traditional ventilators. Hit contain perfect space for an average individual along with the wheelchair and the wheelchair also provide an external support to the motion. The overall design of this ventilator bed is is very much visible and economical according to our country. it has also the support of different equipments which can be added into this ventilator bed after the installation so it's over all performance will be improved by the help of those equipments. overall great idea.

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    Since, we had already survived a pandemic that is covid-19. This pendemic showed us the need of innovation in the medical field and the proper utilization of space so that we could cure more and more people at the same time. So, keeping these problems as a point of consideration we designed this innovative bed as a solution to save more space and can help more number of people in the provided space. The solution is very much simple and it can be applied even in the most remote area of the nation. It can surely be helpful to strengthen the medical facilities of the nation.
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