Door Disinfection Device

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Today, bacteria are found at every step. And humans continue to be carriers of bacteria. Adherence to cleanliness will help prevent disease. With the help of a door disinfection device, we prevent the spread of bacteria. We prevent the spread of bacteria by installing the device on the main doors of public places, offices and dining areas. When the door handle is rotated, the stem moves forward and squeezes the liquid through the rubber inside the cylinder towards the tube and sprays it through the tip. Then the door handle and the human hand are disinfected. When the door is closed, the rubber inside the cylinder pushes back through the inertia of the springs on the rod and places the rod on the door frame. As the rubber returns, it absorbs the antiseptic liquid in the container.The liquid is drawn in because there is a vacuum inside the cylinder.

From an economic point of view, the device is highly efficient and does not consume energy. The device is mounted on the door and is safe. As soon as a person opens and closes the door, the process is repeated and the device works.By producing it, it is possible to prevent the spread of various diseases, make people’s lives safer and earn the great income.


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