Smart Baby Sleep Monitor and Alert System

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Our invention is targeted at the newborn child, up to 6 months old, as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) due to suffocation from improper sleep posture is of primary concern. Another key concern is fever where even a slight fever can be a sign of a potentially serious infection, possibly leading to febrile fits or even brain damage. Fever can develop at any moment in time, without any prior warning while the baby is asleep. With 100% failproof non-intrusive monitoring, parents or caregivers would no longer be disrupted intermittently from sleep or work / chore unless being alerted.

The system extends out directly above the baby sleeping in a typical cot / crib and provides a portable Bluetooth-enabled audio alarm for alerting parents / caregivers nearby. The interactive LCD touch screen display enables end user to set up the system easily and ready for 24/7 monitoring. Any detected abnormalies (that is, baby in improper or not in supine sleeping posture and having fever of >= 37.5°C) would immediately be flagged out and alerted.

It is novel with the following key differentiating features:
•First-in-the-world, 24/7 non-contact, non-intrusive, integrated visual AI-based baby sleeping posture detection and forehead fever screening system. Sense-U, the only existing competitor, offers separate wearable temperature sensing module and wall-mounted camera
•Portability, detachable extensible system mounted easily on any baby cots
•Fuss-free, no mobile app needed and no hidden cost of telco subscription fee
•Instant and guaranteed on-the-ground alert to anyone within hearing range to attend to baby immediately, no concern on wireless latency / connection issues

With US $1.3 trillion spending power of new parents on the block, reported by (UN2020 estimate of 140 million new-born babies in a year) and the global childcare market expected to grow to US$520.4billion by 2022 (from The Business Research Company), our product is very well positioned to capture both markets.

The product can be cost-effectively manufactured, as it is designed using off-the-shelf key components like Raspberry Pi 4 with touchscreen module, day / night camera module, thermopile sensor module and Bluetooth audio alarm module. The articulated arm is also easily sourced. The custom-designed sensor enclosure and mounting support are also designed for manufacturability and assembly. It can be packaged easily as a DIY product. This solution is test-trialed successfully at Learning Vision @NYP, a Singapore-based childcare center operating in Nanyang Polytechnic.


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    Wui Keat Yeoh
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    Oh Tiong Keng
    Chow Jun Hwa
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    I have 2 young children, the younger one being 19 months old. Both my wife and I went through many interrupted sleeps at night during their first six months, regularly waking up to check on them to ensure they are sleeping fine and having no fever, when they are sick. These left us feeling tired and lethargic throughout the day. Worst still, our works or chores are being distracted by the constant worry of their well bring when they are asleep in the day. As such, I was looking for a non-contact and non-intrusive monitoring system that can relieve me of this problem but couldn't find any suitable commercial solutions at all
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