Cohive- a Co-operative Community Hive based Isolation Facility

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At this time when the world is affected by a dangerous pandemic, medical equipment is proving to be the most valuable resource for fighting the situation. Usually portable facilities right now in use are either making use of pre-existing spaces or requiring a good amount of work power to set up. Our project aims to deliver a bigger space(area) by using simple tent like structures which could be set up by a single person.

Cohive is a modular tent that comes in a very compact package but can be easily set up to create a large tent which can be used for various purposes. For instance it can be of great use for creating a portable isolation facility solution, in the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic. The Cohive tent when in its enlarged farm, takes the shape of a hexagon, which can be grouped with other tents to create a hive based system which is both space-efficient & easily manageable.



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    Atreya Rastradhipati
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    Jatin Bamane
    Atharva Belsare
    Atreya Rastradhipati
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    As a young design learner, I try have a curious approach towards my projects. As I live in India, which is a country that isn't very technologically advanced, I try to find problems that can be solved using my knowledge and interest in the same subject. Thus creating something for the betterment of different users, making tasks Efficient & User-centric.
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    Solidworks / Keyshot (Luxion)
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