CraioVault ™ (Ultra Cold Vaccine Delivery Vault)

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The CraioVault™ is an ultra cold vaccine delivery vault, the only one of it's kind. It was designed and made to fill the gap created by the absence of a rugged, easy to use, secure unit capable of holding vaccines and other critical medical samples for several days.

It has a gross volume of 27 litres, and it's operating temperature is -78.5 C°. It is equipped with a unique lock system that helps prevent unauthorized access. It also has a special probe hole for insertion of a vaccine thermometer.

It is officially rated to provide a cooling time of 2.5 days, although it can last much longer, depending on the use scenario. Its compact design and cubic shape make it ideal for both low volume vaccine delivery, as well as large quantity logistics.

It is made of the best quality materials suitable for medical use, and comes with a special stainless steel box within designed to hold the vaccines apart from the solid carbon dioxide pellets.

This makes the vaccines easier to access, as medical personnel no longer have to dig around searching for vaccine vials amidst the solid carbon dioxide pellets.

No other comparable product on the market comes with this feature. Nor does any other option come with a lock.

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