Medical Products for Improving the Quality of Life of Seriously Ill People

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Hello! my name is Rustam. At the moment I am 54 years old. I have a complex neurological pathology, the consequences of cerebral palsy. Due to lack of financial resources, I could not go to Europe and America for treatment. This situation created a precedent for creating my own simulators to correct my pathology because it was expensive to buy in a retail network and they were suitable for mobile people. These products are applicable in the medical field to improve the quality of life of seriously ill people and possibly terminally ill people. I participate in this project as a patient and as an engineer.This type of simulator is designed for the treatment of scoliosis and for tendon stretching and reducing muscle tone and restoring post-stroke conditions. On this simulator, you can do 2-3 exercises in stages, first the upper limbs and then the lower limbs. Option 2: you can perform 2 exercises synchronously, i.e. the upper and lower limbs act simultaneously, which allows the pulse coming from the brain to pass from the upper limbs to the lower limbs without breaking the electrical chain between the upper and lower parts of the body.


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