PPE KIT Cooling System with an application of Thermo Electric Coolers

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The Dr. Cool is an innovative product, introduces an air cooling system with an application of Thermo Electric Coolers. The TEC is a semiconducting device working by the principle of Peltier Effect. The TEC’s has a cold and hot junctions, by the use of heatsink(fins) the heat is distributed. Through blower fans the cold and hot air will be dissipated in and around. The cold air will be circulated inside the PPE suit and hot air will be transferred to the surrounding. By this way the suit will be cools up to 18*c within 15 minutes. The smart Ecu system ensures proper cooling around the suit and smart cut off helps the cooling system to prevent from over cooling and optimal battery power consumption. The design is made and optimized in the way to give sensible cooling inside the PPE Suit. Thermal Simulation has been conducted and optimized the heatsink design to give optimal cooling in minimal space.

The cooling system has user friendly controls to Power ON/Off and the blower speed adjustments. The built-in lithium ion battery provides power for up to 3-4 hours. The LCD Digital display shows the inside Suit temperature and battery level. The weight of the components has been analysed and optimized to reduce the overall weight of the cooling system. The cooling system has a dedicated buckle which holds the entire system , which has an adjustable straps to handle varied circumstances. The safety mesh prevents human body in contact with rotating components.

This product gives some comfort and relaxation for the hard working health workers during the hard times. This product is not only meant for PPE kits, it can be customized for mining, casting and forging workers. The components used in this product has no running fluid inside and there is no fluid leak problem. The components are extremely light weighted which ensures a sleek and weightless design. Finally the objective of the product is to provide cooling system as a lightweight, comfortable and economical solution.

L*B= 190*250 mm
Depth = 80 mm
No. Of TEC’s = 5



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    Srinivasan G
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    Health workers wearing PPE kits makes them uncomforted and increases body and mind stress. This induced me to design an economical cooling system with weightless components.
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    CATIA V5 (Design), Solidworks and Simulia (Simulation)
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