Ton Ton

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Ton Ton is a product that uses OLDE's near-red light to irradiate and stimulate the two acupoints, Bitong (EM7) and Yingxiang (LI-20), and works with the electric temperature to minimize the impact of swollen sinuses and nasal congestion on the quality of life of children with allergic rhinitis.

Ton Ton is designed to be bendable for comfort, using flexible silicone material with multi-stage hardness and the configuration of electronic components to accommodate different nose sizes of preschool-aged children in the East and the West. For these reasons, this product is universal and able to reduce the chance of skin allergies in children.

Ton Ton has removable snap fasteners on both sides to connect the elastic cords with pressure relief, allowing children to wear Ton Ton comfortably. The main body and the elastic cords can be disassembled and cleaned separately to reduce bacterial growth and skin allergy caused by snot or sweat. The detachable design also allows children to choose their favorite fabrics and straps with cute patterns so that they are more willing to wear Ton Ton.



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    Hui Ying Hsu
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    Shih-Hsuan Chiu , Hui-Ying Hsu , Xiang-Yun Chen , Prof. Kai-Chu Li
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