Beep Beep!

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Beep Beep! is a device to detect the leakage and allergy of intravenous infusion through blood flow velocity and protein concentration, which can effectively reduce the risk of fluid leakage in children and chemotherapy patients.

The triangle shape and the bottom concave design make the medical staff fit firmly in front of the injection place of the patient, and use a FPW medical sensor to detect the protein concentration change in the blood vessels of allergic reaction; At the same time, the blood flow velocity changes in the transfusion catheter or artificial blood vessel were determined by the blood flu tester. Noninvasive detection can avoid the risk of wound infection, and can be used in hospital and home chemotherapy at the same time.

Beep app provides a systematic communication pipeline for doctors and nurses. Through the organized information, patients are managed far away and drugs are injected by AR scan chemotherapy to avoid misgiving; At the same time, the patients can also track the status of infusion injection place with patients, and reduce the burden of medical treatment.



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    Hui Ying Hsu
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    Shih-Hsuan Chiu , Hui-Ying Hsu , Xiang-Yun Chen , Prof. Kai-Chu Li
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