RBCs as Viral Baits

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RBCs are enucleated cells in the human body and also lack other organelles like ribosomes for protein synthesis. So if any virus attacks the RBC and inserts its DNA or RNA inside the RBC it will lose its existence as it cannot multiply inside RBCs.

For viral infection, we can make more than one viral receptors on RBC by inserting genes of that receptor in human expression vector in the hematopoietic cell lines of universal donor cell lines like cell lines of O+ve and O-ve group and making blood from that cell lines and then circulating that blood in throughout the body as the viral baits and can reduce the heavy viral loads by blood transfusion in the body if there is any factor such as proteases produce by virus to lyse the RBCs we can try mutant of the protease target on the surface of RBCs so that RBC is in tact and functions well.

We can pass this synthetic blood throughout the body as many time required so as to reduce the load of virus in the body and by reduced viral load body can get time to recover by its own immunity.

Advantages of the method: This method can work on most of virus and even for new viral disease it will be a boon, as we can use the sequence of the target receptor of new virus and insert it into the RBCs and make a cure for that virus.

As the RBC is intact, it can do its function to carry oxygen to various parts of the body. Advantage of RBCs is that it can reach each and any organ of the body.

A person can be given universal blood group O negative blood with genetically engineered RBCs with target viral receptor in the body from the genetically engineered cell lines and timely patients blood can extracted and can be again given genetically RBCs so that it can function well. This will reduce viral load in the body and body will get time to recover naturally.

For Example / Reference: Genes of receptor of HIV (CD4-GpA) and SAR CoV2 (ACE2-GpA) were expressed successfully on RBCs. Immortalized BEL-A erythroblast cells were transduced with VSV-G-pseudotyped lentiviral vectors carrying the CD4-GpA or ACE2-GpA transgenes in the erythroid-specific pCCL-FB expression cassette. To allow positive selection of cells that stably expressed the transgenes, the puromycin-N-acetyltransferase gene was added downstream of the transgene and a P2A cleavage peptide.

Examples of Virus in which method can be used : Corona viruses (ACE2 receptor), Measles, Chicken pox, Chikungunya Virus Strains (which binds Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans), Dengue, Oncogenic DNA and RNA viruses, HIV which binds (CD4and CCR5 co-receptor), etc.



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