COVID Buster: Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet

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Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet

  • A single-handle water faucet comprises a hollow base which mounts on the top-back portion of a sink, a valve assembly, a handle for controlling the flow rate of water and the temperature mix of water, a spout securely attached to the valve assembly and extending upwardly from the top end of the valve assembly, and a nozzle for discharging water. The handle is positioned below the nozzle so that the water discharged from the nozzle can be directed to the handle and sprayed onto the handle by hand in order to facilitate the cleaning of the handle during a handwash session. In one embodiment of the invention, the handle is axially and longitudinally rotatable. In another embodiment of the invention, the handle is pivotally movable.
  • This is a "Great idea; Why didn't I think about it?"-type invention!
  • The "Dear Abby" newspaper column ran a flurry of discussions about proper hygiene practices, especially the importance of clean hands as the No. 1 prevention against spread of infection in the home, in hospitals, in schools and in every workplace. The programme on the Discovery Channel ran a segment on bacteria/microbes in public washrooms.
  • Even though hand-washing is the cornerstone of infection-control practice, there is a very serious loophole in hand-washing. Please consider the following. You have dirty hands with germs. You touch the handle of a water faucet to turn on the water. You wash your hands thoroughly with soap or detergent to eliminate any germs on your hands. By touching the water faucet to turn off the water, however, your hands get re-contaminated by the germs that were left on the handle. The germs subsequently contaminate the towel when you dry your hands, and the germs comfortably thrive and multiply there!
  • The "COVID Buster" water faucet invention applies to the kitchen and the lavatory for homes and public places, but not for the bath and shower. It represents a paradigm shift in sanitary faucets, without requiring electricity like the electronic water faucet with an infrared sensor, separate water flows, or a foot pedal.
  • The target market is residential, public and commercial (i.e., every household, school and hospital in the world). The channels of distribution would be both trade professionals and retail (e.g., Reno-Depot, Home Hardware, etc.).
  • If it is properly planned, designed and executed, the "COVID Buster" may have a potential to become a global megahit.
  • The water faucet turns ON when the handle is DOWN, and OFF when the handle is UP, which is contrary to North American convention. However, it seems to be the norm in Europe and Asia, so the invention may catch on in these regions at first.



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