India's First Smart Self Sterilizing N100 Face Mask for Covid-19 Protection

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XD100 is India's first N100 efficient respirator which is reusable, very cost-effective and also has smart features such as Bluetooth interface, self-sterilization. Its half face version was launched in the market in November 2020 and has gained a very good response. It was nominated and shortlisted for Top 3 Medical Devices of Year 2020 award in India. It has been patented for all of its unique features. It can trap 99.97% of 0.3 microns particle size - which is the highest achievable safety and filtration efficiency - highest standards. This testing was performed by DRDO (DRDE) facility of Govt of India.

Main features are as following

  1. Re-usable to improve the cost-effectiveness over period of time
  2. Highest standard medical grade material used which is even autoclavable. - Silicon lining helps in sealing (leak proof) various faces and gives good comfort fit on face leaving minimal marks
  3. Exhaust valve with filter helps release exhalation easily and maintain comfortable temperature inside the mask.
  4. High quality N100 equivalent replaceable filters maintains optimum pressure drop inside. - replaceable filters. -
  5. Reasonable area inside the mask for jaw movement needed to talk comfortably. -
  6. Bluetooth connectivity between the users and through the central console , which makes it easier to communicate in operation theatre, communicating with the patients in the clinics, etc.
  7. Self sterilisation capacity during storage with special UVC storage unit
  8. Smart features of timed miniature exhaust valve motor fan which extracts the moisture and CO2 built inside.
  9. Self face fit testing and auto alarm system for filter change reminder.
  10. Extremely affordable as compared to the existing masks
  11. Environment friendly as less wastage generated.

We have designed the full face mask which has been just prototyped. This will be submitted to FDA and CE and once approved by them, we are hoping to supply globally to protect from Covid-19 or similar respiratory viruses and other occupational hazards.

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