Portable, Lightweight and Low Cost Wheelchair

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A wheelchair as 'a gadget giving wheeled portability and seating support to an individual with trouble strolling or moving about.' In this way, the motivation behind a wheelchair is to work close to home portability. The point of the wheelchair configuration is to deliver wheelchairs that perform well and can give suitable seating and postural help without compromising strength, sturdiness, and well-being.

Wheelchair plans shift significantly to assess the different requirements of clients with configuration highlights, like general length, weight, outline type and width, seat design, haggle type, arm and footstools, hub position, and drive system, all having an impact work. To guarantee wheelchairs are fitting, originators and suppliers should altogether comprehend the necessities of the proposed clients and their surroundings.

These are the factors I have taken into consideration.
1.Physical needs of the user
2.Environment type
3.Materials and technology

These are the following parts I designed and assembled.
a. Push handles
b. Rear wheels
c. Push rings
d. Castor wheels
e. Back rest
f.  Arm rest
g. Cushion
h. Seat
i.  Frame
j. Calf strap
k. Foot rest

As a base, a wheelchair should empower the client to lead a more dynamic existence without negatively affecting their wellbeing or security. Solace and security are two significant components influencing the personal satisfaction of long-haul clients. Normal wheelchair parts are displayed in Fig. 1. The pad is to be viewed as a vital piece of a wheelchair and is this way to be incorporated into all wheelchairs, specifically for wheelchair clients with tactile issues to forestall the improvement of perilous pressing factor injuries.



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