Next Generation Cell Separation and Recovery

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PROBLEM: Current instruments for sorting cells are time-consuming, expensive, bulky, and most cells are recovered dead. The similarity of tumor cell clusters combined with the inability to separate live cells makes oncology a difficult area of research.

SOLUTION: Cyto R1 sorts and recovers live cells in less than 20 minutes, is 10X less expensive than flow cytometer counterparts, has a benchtop footprint, and >90% of cells are recovered live.

WHAT WE DO: CytoRecovery has developed a platform technology enabling rapid separation and recovery of live cells from tissue and of biological samples. It is based around a single-use chip that contains a channel with >52,000 micropillars that distort an electric field and act as attractants for single cells. The magnitude and direction of the cell-pillar attraction depends on the intrinsic polarizability of the cell. Cyto’s technology avoids high pressure nozzles, fluorescent markers and lasers so cells are recovered in real time in an unaltered, viable state.


  • Personalized medicine made possible with live cell capture
  • Sorting cells by intrinsic polarizability eliminates need for markers, high-pressure systems and lasers
  •  ~95% of live cells recovered (~70,000 or 7x the minimum required). Run times less than half of current methods.
  • Compact instrument does not overcrowd limited, expensive, bench top space
  • Single use chip reduces set up and preparation to 1 million cells to identify and sort a sub-population.


  • Cell Biology Market ($30b)
  • Flow Cytometry Market ($3b)
  • >9,500 Laboratories worldwide conduct cell separation and recovery


  • Chip Production methods and optimized chip microfluidic layout are done.
  • Consumables Buffer solutions that are cell line specific
  • Generator Schematic, BOM, and test protocol complete. 90% of code is done but, as always, the remaining 90% is in development. Production level generator is complete.
  • Chip Holder Chip holder has machined and 3D printed components. Production holders in use.
  • Syringe pumps Ultra-low flow pumping of ~1uL per minute is required. Some fluids will evaporate faster than expelled. Pumps have been made.
  • Labeling Art and labeling complete
  • Manual While not Shakespearian (William, Willy, or Bill), operating manual is in process.
  • Packaging Prototypes created

Certifications RFI, EMI, (UL/CSA) pending. UL needs a unit to destroy but we don’t have the heart to send one to execution at this time.
Manufacturing Suppliers are under contract. Supplier input was critical.

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