New Efficient Wave Power Generator

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The main problem in harnessing shore’s water wave energy is because it is not unidirectional. Meaning the water movement of the shore wave does not travel in one direction; instead it moves forward and backward which makes it extremely challenging to be converted into mechanical energy to be utilized. There are some methods proposed to harness the wave energy but the less efficiency of the mechanism indicated that it is not worth to invest; until now!

This project is about building a new kind of mechanism that harnesses the wave energy on shores with less cost and complexity in an efficient way. This is done by using the linear movement of the shore’s water wave to create an oscillating mechanism that can be converted into a rotating shaft which will be connected to an electric generator to produce usable power. Meaning, the ocean's shore always has wave traveling in to the land with constant interval periods. The water comes in to the land at high speed with some specific volume and goes back which is a linear motion but not a constant one. This interval force is challenging to generate constant rotating shaft because wave power is typically produced by floating turbine platforms. For that reason this design uses oscillation mechanism to cancel the time interval where the wave energy is not present. Meaning when the wave comes near the land it will be collected by a V – structure to be directed into a chamber which contains rotor blade turbines. As the fast moving shore wave comes into contact with the blades, it crates angular movement of the rotor up to 90 degrees. As the water waves goes back all the water entered in to the V – structure will go out forcing the blades of the turbine to move back in to their position traveling back in to the angular rotation because of basic gravity rule. This will force the rotor to oscillate symmetric to the position where the blades are when they are being pushed by the wave. This movement will cancel the no force time of the wave energy combining wave energy and oscillation/ gravity to supply a constant force. This oscillating mechanism will be connected to a mechanism that converts oscillation into shaft rotation which will be connected to electric generator.

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