Smart Power Consumption

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Electricity around the world is becoming more and more expensive. With the global crisis, consumers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their electricity costs, I assure you that there's many ways to save energy in your home. Most techniques and technologies cost money, and most offer you a short payback period.


I assure you that the easiest and cheapest way to reduce your energy costs is by changing your consumption habits. You don't need money, these are actions that you can take today and start saving large amounts of energy.

Another option would be to be able to measure what is consumed. This in the European market is already possible. There're a variety of options, screens are sold that show energy consumption at home.

It's also known as Home Energy Monitoring (MEH). Most of the monitoring screens you can install yourself, so you can locate the greatest waste of energy, start saving there, record your actions and daily habits that affect your electricity bill.

In my project I use a smart wireless switch device to offers payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, etc; energy tracking, malfunction detection, preventive maintenance, and Industry Marketplace functionality.


  • Secure wireless switching - communication and firmware updates secured with modern cryptography.
  • Wide voltage range: 12-300 VDC, 87-230 VAC.
  • High current range: 0-50 A (DC / AC).
  • High reliability & efficiency - do to use of MOSFET-s instead of relays
    truly wireless operation - does not needs a separate power supply - it has built in (modular) power supplies for logic (3.3V) and gate drive (12V).
  • High resolution current measurement.
  • Compact size.
  • Advanced features such as speed / power control, safety features, over-current detection.
  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Modbus, ESP32, Mosfet.

Potential consumers: Home, Hospitals, Industries, Government, Schools, etc.


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    Guillermo Perez
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    Python, Arduino IDE, JavaScript, IOTA Tangle
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