INFARMER: A Virtual Veterinary for More Ethical Animal Farming

Even if the environmental and ethical impact of animal husbandry is globally known; even if plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular; even if alternative sources to animal proteins are increasingly within everyone's reach; meat represents and will represent always one of the bases of our diet.

The animal farming industry for food has undergone a radical change in the last century, becoming extremely intensive and accounting for about a trillion dollars on the world market. In this intensification process, antibiotics in feed has been increasingly used to keep diseases under control. Currently the 40% of the world's antibiotic production is used as a feed additive. This massive use of drug has a negative direct impact environment, human health as well as on the cost of production.

INFARMER uses IOT and AI technologies to change this situation, with significant margins for improving both animal and human well-being, while opening new business opportunities.

By means of simple and cheap infrared cameras, coupled with AI algorithms, we can follow and record both habits and vital parameters of each individual animal in the farm. This allows us to create a virtual veterinary that performs continuous real-time diagnostics of the cattle, informing in advance if any animal is getting sick and allowing the farmer to act quickly and sharply, limiting the use of antibiotics.

This does not mean only cost optimization but also the possibility of practicing a more
sustainable, healthy and above all traceable production.

Using new computer vision algorithm for dense object classification and depth estimation is possible to deliver the following services:

  • Early illness detection and epidemic modelling
  • Tracking of vital parameter available on multi-device report
  • Growth rate and weight tracking

All these services could be easy deployed in the farm, with a scalable on-cloud architecture on large range of farming types covering pigs, chicken and cows.

In the near future, also thanks to technologies such as blockchain, INFARMER will give the possibility to know the real health status of what we eat, making the consumer more involved and responsible for the health of our ecosystem.


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    Emanuele Bezzecchi
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    Following a cancer, being a sportsman and a non-smoker, I felt the need to understand what lies behind what we eat. The intensive use of antibiotics in farming has as yet unknown effects on our health and the fault is not attributable to the farmer, but rather to our food production system.
    I thought of INFARMER to help all elements of the production chain to be more attentive to the environment and animal health, without having an impact on their earnings, on the contrary, helping them in their everyday work.
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    Unity (perception) for creating synthetic data, Pytorch for AI
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