Floating Airplane Runway For Optimum Take Off And Landing

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The Idea proposed is to construct a Floating Runway in a circular lake.

By having the runway floating, it can be turned in such a way that it is possible to create optimum landing and take off conditions under various types of weather. As the lake would never exceed a total diameter of 1.5 kilometer to 2 kilometers , wave forming should not be an issue. Around this circulair lake a taxiway needs to be constructed so that the planes can enter and exit the runway to the necessary airport terminals.


As current landing systems such as ILS (Instrument Landing System) would no longer be feasible, a new method of approach is needed. On aircraft carrier we know the system of the LSO officer ( Landing Signal Officer) who guides the planes in landing on the carrier dek. An automated system like this is suggested where by means of radar stations the glide slope of a landing plane can be checked versus the ideal glide slope for actual weather conditions.

In the illustration these are drawn as red diamonds. Such a glide slope can then be relayed to the pilots Mixed VR Goggles.

Where information is presented to the pilot in an image superimposed over his outside view. Such a system would be all weather capable. As a supplemental system the runway landing lights can be used in similar fashion as the meatball lighting systems currently used on carriers. The center runway lights can be moved inside the outer light to pass information on the plane's position inside the glide envelope.


Since the runway floats on water, a sufficient supply of water for fire extinguishing is no problem. Automatic fire suppression systems can be placed along the runway length which can be remotely activated in case of a calamity.

In winter conditions the runway could be heated with subterranean heat to prevent icing or snowy runways giving more leeway for operational parameters of the runway.

Provisions will have to be made to keep the lake liquid, a system of nozzles releasing compressed air below the surface is one of those systems to prevent freezing of the lake.


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