FPV Phased Array Drone Antenna

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This is a concept of a Phased Array First Person Video (FPV) drone antenna that is used to extend and direct RF communication links for drones that need to support data and video delivery for extended ranges. There are 36 phased array cavities that each give a 10 degree beam-width. Each cavity can be paired and bonded to be used increase the beam-width angle (e.g. 3 cavities paired will give a 30 degree beam width). In this way communication can be optimized to reduce other RF communication interference and also provide a higher RF power density toward the communications link. This array can be used symmetrically at both ends or just on the drone. The RF spectrum can be tailored toward the UHF and higher RF spectrum.

This technology can be used for Military Surveillance, Extending Communication Links, providing Emergency Communications, Extending Marine Communications, providing Airport Security monitoring, and many other applications.


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    Steven Minichiello
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    Creativity of Antenna Design and ElectroMagnetic (EM) waveguides as an expression of electrical and mechanical engineering design with trade-offs for practicality and user experience.
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    SolidWorks, CST
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