Developing ShotSat to Solve the Problem of Space Debris

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Space debris is a dangerous threat to future space exploration. The project “ShotSat” proposed a possible solution to the problem of space debris using this satellite. The device got its name because the satellite launches “shots” into space debris. ShotSat is a format of ultra-small artificial Earth satellites for combating space debris. It has a low launch cost, as a rule, several units are launched at once.

ShotSat consists of 12 parts: frame, microwave antenna system, solar panels, power source, flight control computer, transceiver, spectrometer, payload, motion sensor, laser range finder, shells, compartments for shells.

Mechanism: We create a frame measuring 14 * 10 cm, which in the future we will begin to fill with all of the details mentioned above. Then there will be test verification and satellite final assembly. The next step is to launch it into orbit. ShotSat is launched into orbit by any launch vehicle. It can be either a simple satellite with a completely different mission or a manned spacecraft. The goal of ShotSat is space debris not larger than 1 cm. As soon as ShotSat enters the LEO, it immediately begins work. While the satellite is moving in orbit, many objects fly past it. As soon as the sensors detect that a certain chip about a centimeter in size is, for instance, 5 meters from the ShotSat and after some time it will be half a meter, the satellite starts to prepare for the shot. In each compartment there is a two-chamber shell, the cover of which can be made of polymer or thin aluminum. In the first chamber there is liquid oxygen, in the second ethylene glycol dinitrate. Liquid oxygen is also a very powerful oxidizing agent: organic matter quickly burns in its environment with a large release of heat. EGDN is a powerful explosive (BB). The explosion temperature is approximately 4230 ° C and this is sufficient for the evaporation of most metals. Under vacuum conditions, the burning reaction that is necessary in this project will occur. As soon as the object flies to the satellite, the compartment door slides down and due to a sharp change in pressure quickly flies out along the trajectory to the debris. Due to a collision with debris, the shell explodes and burns along with the debris, as there is oxygen and explosive inside the shell. The shell burns down along with the object, which means that ShotSat has destroyed its target. After six shots, ShotSat is sent to the ISS, where it is placed in any launch vehicle and sent to Earth. ShotSat is reusable, so you can replenish the compartments with shells and use them again.

Its capabilities can also be applied in other areas: asteroids that approach a ship and can cause damage will be destroyed thanks to the built-in ShotSat mechanism. Or in the future, the mechanism itself can be used to develop space resources. Removing a certain layer of waste rock with shells will help to reach strata containing minerals.



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