® e-Gravitor

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® e-Gravitor

The concept of momentum plays an important role in the theory of mechanics. Forces are broadly classified into contact forces and Action at a distance. To understand momentum a simple experiment will suffice. Suppose A string is connected to a rigid wall and a mass is suspended along the sting. Any disturbance will propagate to the mass. Momentum at the point of disturbance is relayed to the mass with the string acting as the intermediary agent.
However celestial navigation [Action at a distance] is somewhat problematic in that when the sun and a planet are not in contact how does momentum propagate. This newtonian paradox baffled Newton.

The puzzle gets solved 150 years into the future in the form of Albert Einsteins’ relativistic mechanics. It was hypothesized that a gravitational field can transport momentum across vast stretches of space. But how? With a gravitational wave.

Meaning, Indeed there is physical contact between the sun and a planet because the motion of planets in the gravitational field introduces a disturbance resulting in what is known as a gravitational wave which travels at the speed of light; very similar to wind on the sea surface resulting in waves. With that juxtaposition the newtonian paradox dissolves into a mere conceptual difficulty.

e-Gravitor® is a portable device to detect such gravitational waves. This technology will pave the way for further advancements and innovations to accelerate various related scientific and commercial ventures. Internal combustion engines revolutionized the transportation sector; Gravitational drives will do the same for star voyages. The patent pending e-gravitor® measures such waves to categorically affix a time stamp and chart a constellation map. It is an indispensable tool in the repertoire of engineers and technical staff personnel designing gravitational drives.


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