Portable Clean Room/Contamination Control Area [Local CCA ]

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Most aircraft composite repair has to be done in a controlled environment .Therefore the damaged parts need to be removed and sent to a shop to perform the proper repair. But on new aircraft quite a lot of the structure was made with composite materials and many of them can't be removed and sent to a shop for repair. Therefore our Portable Clean Room/Contamination Control Area provides an on-wing controlled environment to carry out the major composite repair. The PCR simulated a confined area with temperature, humidity and even particle control. The shell can easily be installed/removed by using 4 vacuum cups to mount on the work member. The PCR is made with lightweight material and is UV resistant. The PCR included all accessories not more than 12 kg. The PCR is used along with a control unit to provide filtered air circulating through the shell to limit the temperature, humidity and particle in a controlled situation. The shell is clear in color and has 4 openings, two on top and two on the side for a mechanic to easily perform the composite repair without affecting the inside environment.



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