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The Human Blueprint For A Spacesuit

Skin-tight spacesuit ACUSUIT BIO-SUIT is a new revolutionary astronaut suit that focuses on the truth of our electromagnetic nature. The superficial and gas related astronaut suits that are being created today will prove ineffective because the new paradigm of space travel will be electromagnetic in nature. Old Astro-suits are bulky and hard to maneuver. Extravehicular Mobility Units or EMUs are the building blocks to a more advanced understanding of our Universe, but they are not the full picture. Marta Wiley fashioned a new Astro-suit that outshines all the others. A designer to the stars. Humans have walked in their spacefaring journey 514 times, but our space exploration will only increase in numbers.

ACUSUIT Bio Astro-suit provides greater freedom of movement and comfort. The long-haul journey requires a self-regulating system and a blueprint that has been hidden dormant in the human body, the human meridian energy system. We surmised that in order to survive in the vacuum of space, human bodies require pressure. EMUs solve this problem by creating a pressurized vessel, like a mini airplane cabin. The Bio-suit employs new technologies and acupoints that activate an electromagnetic counterpressure allowing the astronauts full range of movement. The point of the suit is not the suit but rather to clothe the astronaut in electromagnetic shielding. Providing life-preserving pressure requires gold and silver electrodes and wires threaded through the suit and paired with biometric sensors to collect data. This sensitive information is collected and regulated by mission control.

The Bio-Suit is also protection from micrometeorites that pierce EMU's that rapidly depressurize the suit. The new Bio-Suit is patched with a self-generating nanomaterial. The suit's soft exoskeleton employees shape memory alloys, passive-elastic materials, and electro-spun fabrics, Nanomaterials, and electromagnetic gold and silver electrodes to manage the complicated human body, fluids, hormones, organs, and bio-shield. The Suit is androgynous in nature and is sensitive to both male and female sexes. Also, it employees animal Astro-suits. The new Astro Bio-suit is flattering as well as functional. The Universe is an unforgiving vacuum of space unless you employ the new technologies of magnetic hydrogen.

Understanding the universe as a plasmic field of magnetic energy and not a gas, launches Marta's new Bio Astro-suit.

Supersuit Dissertation/ Thesis Application ©MGWSTUDIOS 2018


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    Marta Wiley
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    MARTA WILEY is an “Internationally Renowned Artist” - Painter, Singer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Speaker, Actress, and Author. She holds a record for being one of the most prolific Artists in the 21st Century. Painting over 10,000 paintings, Top Poster sales grossing Millions, writing over 2,000 songs charting Top 20 USA Music Charts “Beggar”, “Signal” & “Certainly”, Marta has written several compelling novels: “The Water Daughter”, “The Shield & The Eight Immortals”, and “The Million Dollar Egg”. Extremely talented star and CEO of “Marta G. Wiley Studios”, she is a Trendsetter and is bringing inspiration to millions of people around the globe. Marta has been in 300 galleries worldwide. With “Celebrity Artist" status, Marta is known as a revolutionary champion toward “Education of The Arts” working with Autistic children. Marta has been seen on FOX NEWS, CBS, CNN, Oprah OWN Network, hundreds of publications, movies and international magazines. Currently she is earning her degree in Psyc
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    I'm inspired by the future of medicine, longevity, helping others live without pain. I'm inspired by high EQ (Emotionally intelligent inventions) that help humanity and animals live longer by healing in holistic ways.
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