Eternium Long Range Multi-role Fuel Cell Electric Aircraft and Fuel System

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The Eternium long range multi-role fuel cell electric aircraft and liquid hydrogen fuel production system consists of several patent-pending and novel engineering advances that make long-range (3200nm) electric flight possible. This system is based around our high power density patent-pending Eternium dual-rotor superconductive motor, cryogenic and high efficiency variable propulsion system to achieve higher thrust and higher efficiency at various stages of the flight profile. This is powered by our dual-energy solid oxide fuel cell, patent-pending battery module, and thin film solar based power system. The power system is designed to make use of both thermal properties (high temperature and cryogenic) as well as the electric current production of its components, tuned for requirements throughout the flight profile. These systems are centered within an aerodynamically efficient blended wing body with considerations (inverted V-tail and vectored thrust) taken for crosswind stability, low speed safety and control system simplicity, respectively. The aircraft is a modular multi-role platform serving in passenger, semi-autonomous wildfire suppression, autonomous cargo and ISR roles.

This platform is fueled by the sun in the sense our liquid hydrogen fuel is produced by the Eternium concentrated solar-thermal electrolysis and liquefaction system. This system uses high temperature molten salt concentrator to produce a supercritical state in an alkaline hydroxide solution as well as generate electricity for the remainder of the process. The compressed gaseous hydrogen produced is then cooled through a multi-stage thermal energy driven pre-cooling process before being passed through a J-T orifice below its inversion temperature to produce and store hydrogen fuel in the liquid form. The entire system is self-contained requiring neither fossil fuels for reformation and pyrolysis nor outside grid current. This means not only zero greenhouse emissions, but no mining, drilling, fracking or fighting over regionally possessed fuel resources. So, no exploitation of underdeveloped nations for fuel, and more energy independence for all.

We have designed and developed both these systems in tandem as we found the limiting factor to a hydrogen economy, which is superior to battery electric in range and impact, was the infrastructure.

These technologies have been under development for the past 8 years by Eternium with research help from JPL, LBNL, as well as our global research partners across four countries. Each component and system is in various states of development and testing with our hydrogen production system being the most advanced in the production prototype phase.



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