Tactical Aerial Kinetic Device™ TAK-D™

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An unmanned aerial system (UAS) that is worn on a person and can collect intelligence through video and other mounted sensors while projecting power through lethal or less than lethal means. The Tactical Aerial Kinetic Device™ TAK-D™ is the seamless integration of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) within its remote control transmitter (RCT) and is designed to be rapidly deployable.

The UAS is comprised of a UAV that is stored within its RCT compartment. In the small model the RCT compartment is configured as a holster for the UAV that can be worn on an individual with a rugged grip clip. The larger models are comparably sized to a briefcase or suitcase that can be carried on an individual’s back similarly to a backpack. The UAV is removed from within the RCT compartment and the RCT is opened exposing the control surfaces used to fly and operate the functions of the drone. The device has the ability to charge manually or wirelessly while at rest in its RCT compartment. The TAK-D™ is specifically designed to be compatible with a host of different types of UAVs including fixed-wing craft. The UAV component has the ability to project less than lethal weapons such as acoustic and electroshock. The drone can also carry an assortment of sensors including FLIR/thermo-heat. The RCT has an LCD screen to display the video input captured by the camera while it is deployed providing the pilot with a first person view (FPV).

The TAK-D™ is versatile in its applications and can meet a variety of demands. The device is ideal for first responders such as law enforcement, fire rescue and public safety officers. This is an excellent tool for helping control riot situations at a distance with less than lethal means while identifying perpetrators and apprehending suspects. Law enforcement can also use the device in high danger environments as a first point of contact when entering a dwelling or approaching a suspicious vehicle. There are numerous defense applications for the TAK-D™ such as forward unit situational understanding (SU) and situational awareness (SA), while having the ability to project lethality. The TAK-D™ can employ disposable UAVs with an explosive charge payload as guided weapons using the FPV feed by the mounted video camera. The holster carry design is ideal for urban combat situations where the soldier can guide the drone in tight quarters to its intended target dramatically reducing collateral damage.

The versatility of the device allows for efficiency of cost because the unit can be manufactured for its tailored mission. All the major components of the TAK-D™ are common, readily available and economical in cost such as camera modules, motors, propellers, etc. The UAV component can be made of Styrofoam or can be skeletonized reducing cost and airframe weight. The UAS is intuitive and requires minimal training and will be compatible with law enforcement and military software packages which will ensure smooth implementation. US Patent  11,079,752 B1.



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