Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit

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The Keshe Foundation presents the Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit as a revolutionary concept in space travel, space medicine, and space technology.

The prototype Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units are in production and undergoing final development, and are due to be launched in June 2022. During this year they are expected to fly passengers into space, to the moon, and beyond, for a day or even several days at a time.

This extraordinary breakthrough technology ushers in a new era of travel without requiring fuel, food, or medicine. The principle of flight is through positive positioning and inertia-free propulsion, achieved through creation of magnetic-gravitational field force interactions.

There is no need for a Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit to carry food or medicine as it is equipped with the latest plasma field technologies developed by the Keshe Foundation for transportation, transmutation, and deep space operation.

The proprietary plasmatic reactor systems used in this design generate the power and propulsive forces required by the craft. The safety and security of crew members and passengers is guaranteed by the protective fields created both inside, and outside, of the Flight Unit. The crew travel in a normal 1-G gravity environment without feeling additional forces of acceleration.

Systems have been developed and delivered that create fields which maintain the physical bodies of the crew members while travelling, and importantly, enhancing their emotional aspects as well. The generated magnetic-gravitational fields interact in much the same way as the Sun interacts with the Earth to create and provide what humans need to thrive on Spaceship Earth.

Each Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit has a four passenger capacity for long or short duration flights, and has the capability to travel between cities on Earth in a matter of seconds to minutes, depending on the distance and speed. This ability to traverse massive distance in such incredibly short time is not just a breakthrough for human transport, it also completely revolutionizes the transportation of goods and cargo. It will rapidly replace one of our most polluting practices, namely marine and air shipping, as it finally breaks us free not only from the combustion of heavy diesel and jet fuel, but from the combustion of any fuel for propulsion in the future.

The Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit is a breakthrough in space travel, space medicine and space technology. We will all soon enjoy the freedom and ease of fast and safe travel to anywhere on the Earth, or to worlds beyond, while protected and propelled by controlled magnetic-gravitational fields !

The world-wide market potential for such Flight Units is obviously in the multi-trillions of dollars. More importantly in this case, the Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units are created for the elevation and benefit of all people of Earth, and offered in exchange for world peace. Signing of the Keshe Foundation's World Peace Treaty is part of the agreement negotiations for those who wish to obtain use of the Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units.

More info and prices are available at the Keshe Foundation Store: https://store.keshefoundation.org/store/product/FESU/



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    Rick Crammond
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    Rick Crammond
    Mehran Keshe
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    As a Founder of the Keshe Foundation Canada, I am honoured to present the work of Mr. Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation, who designed and built the prototype Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units based on his extensive and deep knowledge of the Universe including his work with GANS materials and the magnetic-gravitational fields of rotating plasma reactors.

    Learning to use such plasmatic fields for balancing our own bio-fields, for creating new materials, and for propulsion, is the basis for future travel in Space...and is needed for the continued existence of humans on Earth.
    There is no better goal!
    And, no better time!

    Cheers, Rick
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