Ion Jet

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The “I JET” is a fully electric private plane that recharges itself using ion collectors to harvest electric energy from the ionosphere. These ion collectors situated on the top of the plane are carbon/graphite/graphene based. According to the proof of concept by the Ion Power Group, ion collectors 130 feet above the ground at peak ion periods have been seen to generate a peak electrical power of 1.236kw derived from 41,200 volts at 30ma and these values increase at the rate of approximately 90-150vdc per meter of altitude above sea level. Atmospheric ions are a natural self-renewing energy resource that cannot be depleted as they are deposited in our atmosphere by cosmic rays, constant atmospheric electrical activity and Radon gas seeping from the Earth's crust. This is clean energy with no CO2 emissions.

The “I JET,” being a lightweight aluminum plane, is perfect for long distance personal flights. With low energy costs. The shape of the plane is designed to convey an experience to the pilot of sitting in the clouds while maintaining an aerodynamic shape.

In summary, the “I JET” is the ideal private plane with no emissions, low energy costs and a unique, stylish design.



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    Ikponmwosa Obasogie
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    Nikola teslas' work on radiant energy. Elon musks' Tesla electric vehicles.
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    Autodesk fusion 360, blender, keyshot 3d, adobe premiere pro.
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