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The Idea I am submitting is a very crude but a starting Idea for a manned space vehicle.

This vehicle is a single man unit that can be used instead of the space suit. It will use gyro scopes for attitude adjustment, role, pitch and yaw. Forward and reverse will be powered by a small rocket engines powered by methane and oxygen. The methane will off loaded from the ESS instead of being vented off as waste gas.

The docking port is at the rear allowing the occupant to transfer to the ship from the ESS. While docked at the ESS, the tanks will be filled with the gases used for the mission.

Methane, Hydrogen and Oxygen tanks will be filled when docked at the ESS space station and used for electrical power and forward / reverse thrust. There could be a water jacket around the occupant compartment for radiation control.

Fuel cells will be used for power. The electrical system will power the environmental system, and vehicle attitude control, and other vehicle systems as well a communication systems.

The occupant compartment will be covered with a transparent canopy allowing a 180 degree viewing. TY cameras will be used for the aft view; the cameras will be movable to get the required view.

There will be a set of two mechanical, remote operated arms, these arms could be used to manipulate objects to specific locations or used to anchor the vehicle solidly in a specific spot.

The second set of arms is the same as used on the space suits. The Individual will put his arms and hands into the suit’s arms when a more delicate human touch is required.

This vehicle will allow the astronaut more comfort and have the ability to remove water from his eyes, scratch his nose, and move around like in a small ship. This will offer the ability to stay on post longer than a standard space suit, provide more comfort and protection from the space environment. The mechanical and space suit arms will give the astronaut the ability to perform many tasks required to maintain a presence in space.

The Ship could be used to travel between objects in space, retrieve satellites, achieve higher orbits, and make repairs not possible without a small ship with its own thrust system, manipulating arms and climate control.

This is a very curd first concept idea with a very minimum drawing. I believe this idea could be developed into a usable space vehicle for maintenance of objects in space. It will give the astronaut the ability to move in space as never before.


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