Reusable Spacecraft for Payloads to LEO

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Hypersonic flight is closer than you think!

Space Engine Systems' mission is to push the boundaries of sustainable hypersonic flight and space accessibility at the lowest cost. To achieve this goal, a reusable demonstration piloted aircraft, optional unmanned, is being designed and built that can take-off as a conventional aircraft, achieve Mach 5 at 30 km altitude using air-breathing propulsion, and land under its own power at any airport. To minimize environmental impact, the engines are fueled by liquid hydrogen using patented technologies developed by Space Engine Systems.

The mission profile requires a turbojet engine for subsonic flight, afterburner to supersonic, then ramjet for hypersonic flight at mach 5 and above. This is an ambitious aerodynamic achievement that has never been accomplished owing to the fact that air becomes thinner with altitude. Engineers at Space Engine Systems have developed proprietary technologies that make this vertical flight trajectory possible. Upon successful flight testing, a spacecraft will be designed to carry customer payloads to low earth orbit with this air-breathing engine system and a rocket engine for the remainder of the trajectory. This vehicle offers a significant competitive advantage over existing methods where demand for space access continues to increase.

Production of the demonstration aircraft (HELLO -1 X) will leverage existing knowledge and technologies to accelerate construction.



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    Pradeep Dass
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    Pradeep Dass-Mechanical Engineer, President & CTO.
    Dan Handford-Ph.D(Mechanical)
    Graeme Schmidt-Ph.D(Aerospace Engineering)
    Joel Gagnon-M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering
    David Cerantola-Ph.Din Aerospace Engineering
    James Seiffiedine–Mechanical Engineer
    Lochlin. K. Mechanical Engineer
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Space Engine Systems is relentlessly pursuing our passion for high speed flight and space accessibility. Our path includes: completion of full scale engine testing in 2021; flight tests in 2022; and HELLO-1 sub-orbital, point to point and low earth orbit (LEO) missions in 2023. HELLO-2 will build on these missions and provide orbital payload services for a lunar mission. Crewed missions for HELLO-1 will begin in 2025; stay tuned for HELLO-2 crewed mission schedule.
    Our mission is to push the boundaries of sustainable hypersonic flight and space accessibility at the lowest cost.
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