COTS Aircraft Carrier CVL(x)

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Cargo Containers are lashed together to form 600ft x 320ft flight deck (192,000 sq ft), 2-hanger decks (180,000 sq ft/deck) & (9,000,000 cuft volume), 2-pontoons Catamaran hulls (600 ft x120 ft x 50ft), 10,000 tons cargo capacity, 10,000 tons Control Ship (Fletcher Class DD, or Arleigh Burke Class DDG, etc), 5,000 tons fuel, and airfield of 50 F/A-18 Hornet, and 12 C-130 Hercules, or 6 C-17 Globemaster.

4,000 containers at cost of ~$4,000/container => $16M per CVL(x).

Sprints 150mph fuel (World Record is 322 mph)
More power MORE SPEED!!!
Cruises 40 mph on wind using kite sails at 1,000+ft
Range Unlimited on wind
Floats despite 50ft diameter hole that generates no flooding
Assembled in 50 sea ports with cargo capacity in 2months
Self-erecting struts push multiple hydrofoils 60ft below keel of this 60,000ton CVL(x) ship to clear  waves of sea state 10 “Whole Gale Storm”.

Control ship (sea-worthy is not required, WWII museum ship are repurposed) sits in “dry-dock” of primary pontoon/hull that houses several GE LM2500+G4 (47,000 shp=34MW) turbine/generators for propulsion. Excess power of additional turbines/generators (34 MW generators x 30 = 1,080 MW using ~10,000 sq ft deck space & 320,000 cuft volume) power DEW, LASER’s, RADAR’s, Rail Guns, sprint propulsion, etc.

45,000 shp (34MW) produces foil borne speed of 10mph on designed foils.
101,000 shp (70MW) produces foil borne speed of 45 mph on same foils at different angle of attack.

"Granny goes to war"

PS: China supplies the cargo containers during cargo shipping.

Seeking SBIR Grant, Phase 2 of $2.5M and possibly Phase 3 production contract of $1B for ship production. Licensing of this concept to other cities to also produce COTS ships might generate $1B/year if not deemed a National Security Priority. 

City of Boston, Massachusetts has "Dry Dock" capable of this assembly effort since WWII aircraft carriers were built in that facility. Cargo container ships are unloaded in that facility with shore based cranes and storage yard forklifts. Only assembly/connection is required in Boston's Dry Dock when cruise ships are not in port.

Estimate 1,000-10,000 jobs would be created in our community.

Control ship; such as battleship "USS Massachusetts"(BB-59) has 9 16-inch guns & 12-inch armor, or heavy cruiser "USS Salem" (CA-139) has 9 8-inch guns & 6-inch armor; out gunning current fleets and current 1,000 pound missiles cannot penetrate the armor plate. 

I suggest using the"scrapped" LCS as a "Control Ship" of a COTS Aircraft Carrier CVL(x) possibly paired with museum WWII Battleship or Cruiser.

Additional firepower could be achieved by equipping the COTS Aircraft Carrier CVL(x) with non-nuclear tipped Minuteman I or II, or Polaris, or Trident ICBM's fired from VLS Tubes while having 100 ft clearance from the ocean level.

These non-nuclear "Area Weapon" warheads made from M1 sabot tank round "Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS), long dart penetrator, or simply dart ammunition, is a type of kinetic energy penetrator ammunition" (Wikipedia) (~1inch diameter by up to 3ft long) that would be traveling at hypervelocity speed and dispersed over a couple of square miles. My guess is 10 Kiloton non-nuclear equivalent energy over 1-4 sq mile area in either maritime or land assault fashion.



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