Space Junk Destruction Plan

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Destroying space debris.

Many countries are planning, executing and launching a number of space missions for a variety of studies such as moon missions, Mars missions, Jupiter, Saturn, space telescopes, space labs, space shuttles, upper atmospheric studies, etc. After a certain period, these satellites, labs, remains orbiting in space without any use and remain as space debris. Outcome of all these space missions to mankind is a big question. The space debris may result in creation of electromagnetic radiation due to its impact with space dust, asteroids etc.

Increasing space missions give rise to more space debris which in the future may affect radio waves signal communication and other satellite signals reaching earth. Space debris and junk could be a hurdle for the orbital path of newly launched satellites and spacecraft and might damage these satellites. Moreover, electromagnetic waves from these old satellites could also interfere with other satellite signals reaching the earth. We know that earth's atmosphere has its own 5 layers from troposphere to exosphere, but in near future with increasing competition of space mission among the countries one more layer, artisatosphere (artificial satellite sphere), may be added up to it, if space debris is not cleanup in time.

Space scientists are considering this space debris seriously and finding various ways to remove. We are proposing one method to deal with these issues.

  1. Those countries active in space missions for various studies must take up this issue jointly to remove space debris.
  2. A common space lab or space shuttle to design which contains space debris destroying missile (SDDM).
  3. Missile may be designed in such a way that once they hit the target, it should burnout completely.

Image shows thought experimental diagram of such system. Since the most ultra advanced space launching technology available in the world and joint effort of all space scientists across the world to cleanup space debris, it would be possible to take this challenge of cleaning space debris and junk.


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